How much will Nvidia stock be worth in 5 years? (2024)

How much will Nvidia stock be worth in 5 years?

Investors can expect the stock to make them richer

What will Nvidia be worth in 2025?

Long-Term NVIDIA Stock Price Predictions
2025$ 1,300.0680.23%
2026$ 2,343.10224.83%
2027$ 4,222.98485.44%
2028$ 7,611.09955.15%
2 more rows

What will Nvidia be worth in 2030?

Assuming it trades at a discount 15 times forward sales in 2030, its market cap could jump to almost $4.9 trillion in 2030. As such, there is a chance of Nvidia overtaking Apple's market cap in the long run, and this won't be surprising given how fast the former is anticipated to benefit from multiple growth drivers.

Can Nvidia stock reach $1,000?

That would be a 67% jump from current levels. So, based on Nvidia's current stock price of around $660 and the potential upside that it could deliver on the back of its impressive growth, its shares could be worth $1,000 apiece in the next couple of years.

What is the 5 year forecast for Nvidia?

Nvidia Stock Forecast 2026-2030

These five years would bring a significant increase: Nvidia price would move from $987 to $2,363, which is up 139%. Nvidia will start 2026 at $987, then soar to $1,165 within the first six months of the year and finish 2026 at $1,340. That means +125% from today.

Should you still invest in Nvidia?

Nvidia's meteoric rise has some analysts questioning whether the company has much more to offer investors in 2024. However, trends in the chip market indicate Nvidia will have little problem retaining its leading market share in AI GPUs, despite new offerings from Advanced Micro Devices and Intel.

What will Amazon be worth in 2030?

If Amazon maintains its current valuations, matches analysts' expectations, and grows its EPS at a CAGR of 20% from 2025 to 2030, its market cap would reach $5.5 trillion by the final year. If Apple does the same thing and grows its EPS at a CAGR of 10% from fiscal 2026 to fiscal 2030, it would be worth $5.2 trillion.

What if you invested $1,000 in Nvidia 10 years ago?

Shares of chip giant Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) have defied gravity to zoom up 13,066.49% over the past decade. This means if you invested in Nvidia 10 years ago, you would end up with a massive profit, as your $1,000 investment would be worth almost $131,664.9 as of November 23, 2023.

Will Nvidia be worth more than Apple by 2030?


So, while Nvidia could be worth more than Apple by 2030 if it follows the growth trajectory outlined above, it's highly unlikely that will happen.

What will Nvidia stock be in 2040?

Key takeaways: We created three forecast scenarios for Nvidia's potential price, each with a different annual growth rate: 5% yearly growth, historical S&P 500 ROI (11.8%), and historical Nasdaq-100 ROI (17.5%). Based on these scenarios, the stock prices forecast for 2040 range between $1,181.5 and $8.948.

Is Nvidia a millionaire maker stock?

Semiconductor designer Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) has made many millionaires in recent years. Its stock has more than tripled in the last year alone. Among stocks with a market cap of at least $50 billion today, Nvidia has outperformed absolutely everybody over the past three, five, and 10 years.

How high can Nvidia stock go?

Hence, even with highly optimistic back-of-napkin calculations, Nvidia does not seem to reach $1,000 per share in 2024. But that doesn't mean that there is no growth potential in this stock. A bullish price target of over $800 is also impressive -- suggesting an upside of more than 71% in the next 12 months.

How big could Nvidia get?

He predicts that Nvidia could generate annual revenue of $300 billion in 2027 from selling AI chips alone, thanks to having a solid 75% share of this fast-growing market. While that may seem outrageous at first, a closer look at the market for AI chips indicates that Nvidia could indeed hit that ambitious mark.

What will Nvidia be worth in 2024?

Looking ahead, analysts predict revenue growth of 118% to $58.7 billion, with EPS growth of 268.3% to $12.30, for the full fiscal year 2024.

How much will Nvidia stock be worth in 2024?

The good news is that analysts are anticipating Nvidia stock to head higher in 2024. According to 46 analysts covering the stock, Nvidia has a median 12-month price target of $650. That points toward a 35% jump from current levels.

Who competes with Nvidia?

Top NVIDIA Alternatives
  • Cisco.
  • Juniper.
  • Arista Networks.
  • Dell Technologies.
  • Extreme Networks.
  • Huawei.
  • Broadcom (VMware)
  • Lenovo.

Is Nvidia a strong buy now?

Morgan Stanley raised its price target by $147, and now expects NVDA to touch $750. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs expects NVDA stock to surge to $800, about a 10% premium from current levels. Out of the 38 analysts covering Nvidia stock, 33 recommend “strong buy,” two recommend “moderate buy,” and three recommend “hold.”

Is it too late to buy Nvidia?

Considering the growth forecasts for the AI market, there's reason to believe Nvidia could keep the momentum going for quite some time -- if it can remain a step ahead of its rivals. That's why it's not too late to buy shares of this top AI stock today because its story in the industry may just be getting started.

Is Nvidia over or undervalued?

Is NVIDIA Still Cheap? NVIDIA appears to be overvalued by 35% at the moment, based on our discounted cash flow valuation. The stock is currently priced at US$495 on the market compared to our intrinsic value of $367.26.

Can Google stock reach $10,000?

According to our Alphabet - Class A stock forecast, the price of Alphabet - Class A stock will not reach $10,000. The highest expected price our algorithm estimates is $ 182.24 by Dec 2, 2024.

What is Nvidia stock prediction?

NVDA Stock 12 Months Forecast

Based on 38 Wall Street analysts offering 12 month price targets for Nvidia in the last 3 months. The average price target is $684.84 with a high forecast of $1,100.00 and a low forecast of $560.00.

Can Microsoft stock reach $1,000?

The analyzed data by our experts suggests that the price per share for Microsoft will rise to $355 by the end of 2023, $400 in 2024, $452 in 2025, $645 in 2026, $710 in 2027, $795 in 2028, and $820 in 2029. The forecast also anticipates that Microsoft's stock value in 2030 will reach $835.

Will Nvidia stock keep growing?

Can Nvidia stock prices continue to rise in 2024?. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang will hope so – Nvidia. Nvidia stock prices went up dramatically in 2023 after stock soared 237%. The company has 42% potential upside in 2024 as it capitalizes on chip success.

What is the true value of Nvidia stock?

As of 2024-02-12, the Intrinsic Value of NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) is 46.97 USD. This NVIDIA valuation is based on the model Discounted Cash Flows (Growth Exit 5Y). With the current market price of 721.33 USD, the upside of NVIDIA Corp is -93.5%. The range of the Intrinsic Value is 33.7 - 78.59 USD.

Does Nvidia have a lot of debt?

Total debt on the balance sheet as of October 2023 : $11.02 B. According to NVIDIA's latest financial reports the company's total debt is $11.02 B. A company's total debt is the sum of all current and non-current debts.

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