How do I turn my gift card into cash online? (2024)

How do I turn my gift card into cash online?

You can exchange gift cards for cash easily by selling the unused card to a gift card site like CardCash, CardKlip or GiftCash. They will buy the card from you directly. Or you could list your gift card on marketplaces like Gameflip or Raise, where people can bid on your card and buy it from you.

How do I convert my gift card to cash online?

Sell the gift card

Selling a gift card can be a quick way to turn it into cash. There are websites and apps that may allow people to sell their gift cards. Through the website or app, someone would select the merchant and enter the balance on the card. The website would then make an offer.

How can I get cash for gift cards immediately online?

Here are a few:
  1. Raise. This online marketplace lets you sell gift cards, but its draw is that buyers get them at a discount. ...
  2. CardCash. ...
  3. eBay.
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Is there an app to turn gift cards into cash?

Prepaid2Cash makes cashing out your gift and prepaid cards quick & easy. While also protecting your account by using security measures to guard your account information.

Can you exchange online gift cards for cash?

Though you can't exchange a gift card for cash, there are plenty of third-party sites that will allow you to sell a gift card for a fee, or even sell them for you, CNBC reports.

Does GiftCash pay instantly?

With GiftCash, you can sell your Apple gift card for cash instantly and receive one of the best payout rates and speediest turnaround times available.

Does CardCash pay you instantly?

Once we receive the card(s) the payment is typically issued within 24-48 hours. For new members there may be some additional information we need before the sale can be completed. I have a gift card with an expiration date, will you accept them? Nope.

Where can I convert my gift card to cash?

Where to Sell Gift Cards Near You
  • Gift Card Bin Store Locator. While Gift Card Bin does have a website, that website lists over 600 physical locations across the US where you can bring your gift card to exchange it. ...
  • Google Maps. ...
  • Target. ...
  • ClipKard. ...
  • GiftCash. ...
  • Raise. ...
  • CardCash. ...
  • GameFlip.

Can you get cash from an online Visa gift card?

Though the two cards are similar, only prepaid cards can be used to get cash from an ATM or to get “cash back” from a merchant. Gift cards cannot. Read the terms and conditions on the back of your card to know for sure.

What app turns gift cards into cash Android?

The first app on our list is GC Buying. This app allows you to sell your gift cards for cash, which can be deposited into your PayPal account or used to buy other gift cards. GC Buying also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you'll get the money you deserve for your card.

What zip code do I use for a Visa gift card?

If using the Visa gift card online, use the same Zip code you entered in the shipping address. If that doesn't work, enter your home zip code. If using the Visa gift card in stores, enter your home zip code. In some cases, the system may simply be checking for a valid zip code.

Does PayPal buy gift cards?

Do you sometimes receive gift cards that you don't really need? Now you can exchange unwanted gift cards for cash in your PayPal balance via CardCash.

How do I transfer money from a gift card to my bank account?

To transfer money from a gift card to a bank account, consider using money transfer apps like PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App, and opt for direct deposit in the USA. Alternatively, you can sell your gift card to a gift card exchange or use a reloadable prepaid debit card for the transaction.

What is pay instantly on Cash App?

When you receive a Cash App payment, it will be available instantly in your balance. You can then choose to send the money to friends or family, or Cash Out to your linked debit card.

What is the payout for GiftCash?

While GiftCash accepts gift cards from a smaller number of merchants, its payout is up to 93% of the value of your card. Sell gift cards with balances ranging from $25 to $2,500. More popular store brands receive higher payouts. Once you sell your card to GiftCash, you'll receive a PayPal payment within 48 hours.

How long does it take prepaid2cash to pay?

After verifying your card details and submitting your transaction, you can select to receive your direct deposit to your bank account the next business day or within 4-5 business days for prepaid cards.

How long does Cardyard take to pay?

You will receive payment for your submitted gift cards 2 weeks after Cardyard has sold them on to a buyer. Payment is made on the day promised, and it can take until 5:30pm for the funds to arrive in your bank account. We are unable to make payment earlier as we have to strictly follow our procedures.

Is cash4giftcardsamerica legit?

Alert: Cash 4 Gift Cards America came to BBB's attention in February 2020. According to this company's website, the company will exchange gift cards for cash. Complaints filed with BBB state consumers sell their gift cards, but payment is never received and the balance on the gift card is taken.

Does raise pay instantly?

It can take up to three business days from the time we process your payment for the money to appear in your bank account. PayPal: You can request your funds via PayPal. It can take up to five business days for the money to appear in your Verified PayPal account and there is a $5 withdrawal minimum.

Can I transfer my gift card balance to Amazon pay?

The Gift Card equivalent value gets added to your Amazon Pay balance. You can track the balance of your Gift Cards here. A Gift Card Reference ID contains 16 numbers (for example, 6014 8515 3019 3950). It is different from a Gift Card Code and should not be added to the Add Gift Card section.

How do I liquidate a gift card for cash?

You can exchange gift cards for cash easily by selling the unused card to a gift card site like CardCash, CardKlip or GiftCash. They will buy the card from you directly. Or you could list your gift card on marketplaces like Gameflip or Raise, where people can bid on your card and buy it from you.

How do I exchange a gift card?

You can list your unwanted or partially used gift card for sale or shop for a discounted card from someone else. At CardCash, gift cards can be purchased at a discount, or sold or traded. Aside from CardCash there are other gift card exchange sites out there like Raise and Gift Card Outlets.

How does Coinstar work for gift cards?

That's right; keep every penny for yourself when you choose to cash in your coins for an eGift Card to any one of our store and restaurant partners. Our paper eGift Cards have a unique code printed on them. They work just like plastic gift cards. Use your code when you pay at the store or when shopping online.

Can you take money off a gift card at an ATM?

So because there is no broad difference between gift cards and prepaid cards, you can easily use your Visa gift card to withdraw money from the ATM. However, you can not use your preloaded card to withdraw cash at every ATM. The ATM you use must be the one that supports Visa cards – you will see a Visa logo on the ATM.

Which gift cards allow ATM withdrawal?

What gift cards can be used at ATM?
  • PayPal Prepaid Mastercard:
  • Netspend Visa Prepaid Card :
  • The Mango Prepaid Mastercard:
  • Bluebird American Express Prepaid Debit Account:
  • Walmart MoneyCard :
  • Brinks Prepaid Mastercard :
  • Factors To Consider When Choosing Prepaid Cards With ATM Access.
  • Worldwide Acceptance :
Nov 9, 2023

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