Tom's Watch Bar, the game day headquarters for all sports super-fans, opens at National Harbor (2024)

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Tom's Watch Bar

Mar 20, 2023, 10:00 ET

Tom's Watch Bar, America's super sports bar offering the ultimate in sports-watching entertainment, with panoramic, personalized 360-degree experience on over 80 high-definition screens, brings "all the sports, all the time" to the capital's most popular tourist destination

WASHINGTON, March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Tom's Watch Bar is bringing the ultimate sports-watching experience to the heart of the National Harbor, steps from the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, MGM National Harbor hotel and casino, and an array of waterfront attractions including the Capital Wheel. Tom's Watch Bar's newest location, sure to be a sports destination for sports superfans, tourists and locals alike, will open March 23 at 4pm at 200 American Way in Oxon Hill.

Breaking the mold of the traditional sports bar, Tom's Watch Bar National Harbor will provide guests and fans with an elevated 360-degree viewing room complete with personalized audio at every table. From professional and college games to emerging and outrageous sports, every seat at Tom's is the best seat in the house. The 12,000+ square-foot bar and restaurant boasts more than 80 high definition screens, anchored by three central oversized "stadium" screens, and will seat over 500 guests with an expansive selection of indoor and outdoor seating. For visitors to Washington, convention-goers, and those staying in National Harbor's many hotels, Tom's Watch Bar National Harbor will be the ideal destination to catch a home game, even far from home.

With dozens of taps, Tom's Watch Bar will offer a wide array of domestic, imported, craft seasonal, and local micro-brews, all available in Tom's signature two-handed 40oz stein. Rounding out the bar menu will be a selection of craft co*cktails and an approachable wine list. The food menu will feature elevated sports-bar fare and signature dishes, including Tom's Watch Bar National Harbor exclusives, to satisfy any hungry sports fan.

Tom's Watch Bar also hosts a full calendar of premium watch parties for local teams and special sporting events, such as UFC fights and World Cup soccer. These watch parties are emceed and often include sports celebrities, team mascots, cheerleaders, team paraphernalia, ticket giveaways and Tom's $5 shot menu.

"We believe that sports fans are one visit away from believing that Tom's Watch Bar is the best sports bar ever," said Tom's Watch Bar Co-Founder Tom Ryan, a DC resident himself. "Our highly curated 360-degree viewing screenplay, premium sound, and watch party calendar offers sports fans at National Harbor a game day headquarters to watch their favorite teams on both home and away games. Our expansive bar offerings and modern menu are designed to satisfy all sports fans, all the time."

Tom's Watch Bar will also feature two Swing Suites powered by Topgolf, which are state-of-the-art simulator bays that boast a variety of virtual games including signature Topgolf target and course play golf with additional simulated hockey, baseball, football soccer and carnival programs.

Tom's Watch Bar also specialized in special venue buy-outs, private parties, alumni association watch parties, and corporate events.

The restaurant brings approximately 150 new jobs to the greater Maryland/Virginia market. Tom's Watch Bar will be open from 4pm12am daily and will open at 11am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

About Tom's Watch Bar

Tom's Watch Bar defines the ultimate sports watching entertainment experience. Promising "All the Sports, All the Time," Tom's Watch Bar's highly curated sports programming is the best place to watch: NFL Football, NBA Basketball, WNBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, MLS Soccer, Championship and Bowl Games, Men and Women's World Cup Soccer, UFC Fights and Boxing, European Soccer including EPL English Premier League and Liga and even emerging obscure and outrageous sports. Tom's Watch Bar's central oversized "stadium" screen, surrounded by hundreds of high-definition screens provides 360-degree viewing, making every seat at Tom's the best seat in the house. Sports fans have the option to enjoy premium sound or personalize their sound and listen to the play-by-play for their favorite game. It's the perfect place for fans to cheer with other fans, follow their fantasy players and follow any sports bet.

About Tom's Watch Bar & Topgolf

Tom's Watch Bar has a national partnership with Topgolf. Tom's Watch Bar builds Topgolf Swing Suites, allowing for "full swing" computer generated virtual golf and 10 other major "full motion" computer generated sports to match up well with the sporting events promoted on Tom's screens or for specialized private parties. Tom's customized Topgolf Swing suites adds one more sports related draw and energy to Tom's Watch Bar. Tom's Topgolf Swing suites are a great complement and add incremental beverage and food sales.

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Tom's Watch Bar, the game day headquarters for all sports super-fans, opens at National Harbor (2)

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Tom's Watch Bar, the game day headquarters for all sports super-fans, opens at National Harbor (2024)


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