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  • Set effective goals: Choose milestones that maximize your kid’s learning [jump to section]
  • Learn on the go: Children can make progress anywhere with IXL’s mobile app [jump to section]
  • Treat learning like other summer activities: Find a consistent IXL work time for your child [jump to section]
  • Make the most of IXL’s summer printables: Get ideas for how to use bingo boards, certificates, and more with your kids! [jump to section]

In between vacations, get-togethers, and fun in the sun, summer is a great time for kids to review what they’ve learned ahead of the new school year (or even get ahead in their studies)! IXL makes it easy to prioritize your child’s learning and fits perfectly with all the activities in your busy summer calendar.

Check out these tips and strategies for how you can set up an IXL summer learning plan that suits your family’s schedule!

Set effective goals

With so much summer fun to be had, you want to make the most of your child’s study time. One of the best ways to do that is to set some clear and flexible learning goals.

Research has found both these learning goals to be effective at boosting test scores, and they’re easy to implement, too:

  • Answer 15 questions in an IXL subject per week: This simple yet powerful weekly question goal is a good fit for a packed family schedule. A few questions here and there between activities is all it takes for steady learning progress!
  • Reach proficiency in at least two skills per subject each week: Reaching proficiency, or a SmartScore of 80, means your IXL-er has a solid grasp of a skill. This is another great option for a weekly goal that gives kids flexibility while prioritizing deep understanding.

Learn on the go

If your summer plans include family trips, keep the learning going with IXL’s mobile app!

The IXL app is specially made to be immersive and hands-on, bringing a whole new element of touch to practicing. Watch your kid enjoy mixing it up and solving problems by dragging, tapping, and writing their answers.

With the IXL app, your child can get healthy screen time during road trips, on plane rides, at grandma’s house—whenever there are free moments in your travels. Anywhere you go this summer, your IXL-er can continue making progress on their skills!

Treat learning like other summer activities

Summertime usually means lots of activities: day camps, swim lessons, soccer games; the list goes on! To help make sure learning never gets lost in the hustle and bustle, you might try penciling in daily IXL work time just like you do for your other summer plans.

If possible, set this learning block for the same time every day or week to give your child consistency and to simplify your schedule.

When schedules change, or penciling in a set time isn’t the best fit, you might try pairing IXL with an activity instead. For instance, if your child has morning art class one week and afternoon volleyball camp the next, you could have them work on IXL right before or after either activity.

That way, even when schedules shift, learning never gets sidelined.

Make the most of IXL’s summer printables

IXL’s summer printables support any learning goal, with activities, calendars, and more! Here’s how you might use them in your kid’s learning routine:

  • IXL summer bingo: Turn study time into game time with IXL’s summer bingo boards! The premade board is packed with learning activities and goals for your child to work on, but you can always write in your own, too.
  • Summer skills lists: Keep track of the skills you want your learner to work on with one of IXL’s fun and colorful skill lists! Tick off skills as your child practices them and, by the end of summer, you’ll have a record of all the new things they’ve learned.
  • Summer calendar: Schedule IXL work time and set milestones for your kid to achieve. They’ll see how each day of learning adds up to major growth.
  • Summer certificates: These certificates will have your IXL-er beaming like the sun as you reward them to celebrate all their hard work!

No matter what your summer schedule looks like, IXL is here to help you fit in learning however works best for your family. Check out the family Summer resources page for even more summer learning inspiration!

Tips to fit learning into your summer schedule - IXL Official Blog (2024)


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