AMC Stubs Membership: How A-List Is The Future Of Moviegoing (2024)

In July of 2023, History was made in Hollywood as SAG-AFTRA (actors union) joined the WGA (writers union) for the first dual labor strike since the 1960’s. In short, they’re fighting the AMPTP (Hollywood Studios) for fair compensation and residuals in streaming, labor regulations, and management of AI. As a result, some of your favorite tv shows and movies such as Andor, Severance, House of the Dragon, Dune, Blade, and more, have been delayed indefinitely. You may be wondering, “How does this affect my moviegoing experience?” I’m glad you asked.

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If history is any indication, these strikes will end, Hollywood productions will resume, and regardless of who gets what, the consumer (you and me) will be affected. It’s important to note that while studios don’t decide the cost of movie tickets, things like inflation, the current state of the economy, production costs, and wage increases certainly impact that decision.

So as ticket prices have already increased in recent years due to things like COVID-19, consumers are finding that movie theater memberships like AMC Stubs A-List are more cost-effective and efficient when it comes to seeing movies.

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AMC Stubs A-List is a service that allows members to benefit from seeing up to 3 movies a week while enjoying premium perks such as waived fees, member-only discounts, concession upgrades, priority lanes and more.

To answer your first and most important question, an A-List membership costs $19.95/month +tax, or $22.95/month+tax in the following states: CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, MD, MN, OR, PA, VA and WA, and $24.95/month+tax if you live in CA, CT, MA, NJ or NY. So how does this membership make it worth your while?

3 Movies a Week

With AMC Stubs A-List, you’re able to watch 3 movies a week without restrictions. Regardless of whether it’s a summer blockbuster, that show’s day and time, or the seat location, you have 3 unrestricted reservations that reset every Friday. 3 movies a week, 12 movies a month.

Without a membership like AMC Stubs A-List, movie tickets can cost around $10 for a weekday matinee, to anywhere between $15-$28 for studio blockbusters and high-profile pictures, depending on things like your state, time of day, seat location, and movie selection.

With the inevitable rise of ticket prices due to various factors such as economic state, Hollywood labor strikes, and inflation, those individual ticket prices will only go up. With A-List, seeing just 1–2 movies a month is already a better bang for your buck than individual ticket purchases thanks to its unbeatable price and perks.

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Free Online Reservations

My personal favorite perk of this membership is there are no added booking fees. Whether you’re booking for yourself, or using your membership to book for yourself and a friend(s), nobody is paying an additional fee to reserve your seats.

Your Choice of any format, including IMAX and Dolby Cinema

From artisan films to the premium technology you experience in IMAX and Dolby Cinema theaters, you can choose any format you want for your movie. No added fees or conditions.

No Blackout Dates

Whether it’s any of the summer 2023 blockbuster opening nights from Mission Impossible 7, Barbie, Oppenheimer, or A24’s Past Lives, you reserve your movie any day and time you want, 365 days a year. You could see the same movie 3 times in a day if you like. You could do the coveted Barbenheimer double-feature and still have a movie left in the week.

A-List Entourage

Entourage is a unique feature which allows you to book movies with friends who also have an A-Stubs membership. Simply connect your accounts, and your movie nights are a lot easier to coordinate. Even if two of you have a membership and one doesn’t, you can book all three with entourage and waive any fees.

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Access to Member-Only Perks

Members receive special in-house perks such as 10% back on food and drink purchases, free size upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks, birthday rewards, and priority lanes at the concessions and box office. No more working against the clock to get your candy and popcorn in time for the movie.

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It’s not just whether AMC Stubs A-List is right for you, it’s remembering why movie theaters are right for you as well. Whether it’s date night, you’re seeing a blockbuster with your friends, you have a weekly movie-night entourage, or you’re treating yourself to a solo venture in seeing that one film you’ve been dying to watch ever since you saw the trailer, there’s an extensive list of reasons for going to the movies.

Because you’re not just in the theater for the movie, you’re in the theater for the experience. Why not wait until it’s on DVD or your favorite streamer? Because movie theaters offer a unique experience that has withstood the test of time in challenges from pandemics to television, pirating, and ever-evolving consumer habits. Go in and grab that buttery popcorn, pick out your favorite candy, indulge in a refreshing ICEE, sit back and enjoy the show. There’s nothing like it.

Take advantage of a premium membership with AMC Stubs A-List, get the most for your money with unbeatable perks and treat yourself to the best experience possible while saving as much money as possible and seeing as many movies as you want.

AMC Stubs Membership: How A-List Is The Future Of Moviegoing (2024)


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